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About us

Throughout West Kent we offer a comprehensive range of gardening services. With our skills, knowledge and strong passion for gardening, Growing Gardens can create and maintain spaces for all to enjoy.

The Team

Growing Gardens are a male & female partnership, Mark Hood and Ginny Russell, based in Tonbridge, Kent. Together we share a diverse range of horticultural and land management experience, training and qualifications.

Qualifications include:

RHS Level 3 Advanced Certificate in Horticulture
BSc Landscape Management (Land use)
CS30: Chain saw Certificate - Cross Cutting & Maintenance
CS31: Chain saw Certificate - Felling small trees

When not out tending to your gardens, Mark and Ginny enjoy conserving our local environment and wildlife through volunteering with organisations such as the Kent Wildlife Trust and the Medway Valley Countryside Partnership. As well as helping to conserve our countryside, volunteering has given us both valuable experience in how to be friendly to wildlife and to advise on sustainable options for your gardens.





With our diverse range of horticultural experiences and knowledge we can offer a wide range of services as well as helpful advice on garden management, design, and wildlife friendly and sustainable gardening options. 

Garden Maintenance 
We can offer one off garden maintenance to suit your current needs to bespoke seasonal programmes for maintenance required on a regular basis. We are happy to discuss schedules for the work you would require so that you can stick to a budget. 
Lawn Care
Whatever the size of your lawn, condition or desired finish we have the skill and machinery for the job. As well as mowing we carry out all lawn care tasks such as re-seed/turf, over-seed, top-dressing, scarification, aeration, feeding and weeding for a perfect lawn.

Garden Clearance
If you are in need of a clean start or have a garden out of control then we can sort it out.

Hedge Cutting & Laying
We can lay new hedges and maintain and renovate hedges to the standard you require.

Fencing & Timber Structures
Whatever type of fencing you require we are happy to advise on type to suit your needs and style and erect to a high standard. Or if you require raised beds, a compost box or a pergola just give us a call.

Tree Work
From tree felling, lifting canopies and pollarding, to advice on tree legislation, tree health and safety and management options.
Garden Design
As well as a full make over we can offer garden surveys, advice on plants and layout to suit your needs, production of planting plans, and maintenance guides. We offer a free initial visit to understand your needs and to discuss available options and to put forward a few suggestions. Please see our Design Process.

Landscape Management & Planning
A range of services aimed at improving the workings of the land that you own. If you own a section of woodland, a natural pond, an old orchard or wildflower meadow we have the knowledge and skill to help you manage your land and build a relationship with the landscape beyond.
We can carry out habitat surveys to assess your sites and create habitat management plans and biodiversity action plans.







Growing Gardens will always be happy to offer free advice and guidance on your gardening needs and can advise on what first step forward is best. We have the training and knowledge to offer advice on sustainable land management options and wildlife gardening as well as horticultural issues. Contact us.

Service Catchment Area 

Generally work will only be accepted within the highlighted area shown on the map below. Exceptions maybe made for large projects.






Design Process

Growing Gardens have the knowledge and experience of both garden design and garden management. Our expertise in land management allows us to understand your soil type, micro-climate and effects of use so that we know which plants will flourish to create designs which will be sustainable to both the environment as well as manageable within your desired level of maintenance. As a team we don't just know how to design, we understand how gardens need to be created and maintained so they can thrive for years to come.

So we can get it right we offer free consultations right from the start to enable us to understand how all members of your household wish to use your garden, the time you wish to spend on your garden as well enjoying it and your budget to maintain it as well as how you wish it to look.
Our horticultural training has given us a broad plant knowledge so we can pick suitable plants for all styles, conditions, uses and seasonal interests, allowing us to select the plants that will flourish giving the most joy with the least trouble.

Growing Gardens have the knowledge and expertise to create a wide range of gardens such as wildlife friendly gardens, raised bed vegetable gardens, water features, herbaceous borders, play areas, and outdoor wining & dining.

We start with a free consultation where we can show examples of plants and garden styles. We will need to view your garden briefly so that we can get some initial ideas. We will then come back to you with some suggestions and estimates, it is therefore important that you can have a rough budget in mind for us to work with. 
A breakdown of design costs will be given based around the size and complexity of the design, further consultations throughout are free.

The Design
Before we design we will carry out a site appraisal so that we can get to know your garden well. From the site appraisal and design brief (taken from consultations) will produce a planting plan and illustrated plant list of the agreed area. At an extra cost we can also offer the production of a maintenance plan to help you keep your garden in tip top condition. Alternatively we can advise on the costs of a maintenance programme provided by us.

The Creation
Creation of the newly designed garden will be fully costed into labour, plants and materials for each of the design elements agreed from the design, quotations are valid for 6 months. We do not ask for payment up front unless very large quantities of plants or materials are required.





For prices on any of our services we feel that it is best to give you an overall price for the work you require as opposed to an hourly rate in the form of a detailed broken down quotation.

As well as how much work will cost we want you to know what work we propose to carry out, how we will carry that out, with what and how long we expect it to take to complete. To do this we will visit you to discuss your requirements and then send you a quotation for the work detailing all the above.

All quotes are fully itemised and broken down into labour and materials so you can clearly see the costs. We will also give you a guide to how long each item will take to complete. By itemising the work you are interested in us carrying out in the quote gives you the choice to take up parts of the work depending on your budget. Our quotes last for a period of 6 months, there is no hassle to take us on, just give us a call when you are ready to accept any of the items quoted. Once items are complete and you are happy with our work we will invoice you.

Please contact us to arrange for a visit or to discuss your requirements so that we may send you a quotation.






Contact Us
Contact us today and discuss your requirements or arrange a visit and let us help your garden grow with our friendly, reliable services.


Mark Hood
(01732) 508640
Ginny Russell
(01732) 360347


Alternatively you can email us both at info@growing-gardens.com





Customer Satisfaction
Growing Gardens aim for complete customer satisfaction in all our work. We like to know that our customers are fully informed of the work that we will provide, when it will be provided, how long it will take us and what is going to cost you before we start. To do this we visit all our customers to discuss requirements and ensure that they receive a full quote describing the work that has been discussed, how long it will take and how much we will charge for materials and labour. Often the quote will be itemised so that you have the choice to take up parts of the work depending on your budget. Our quotes last for a period of 6 months, there is no hassle to take us on, just give us a call when you are ready to accept any of the items quoted. Once items are complete and you are happy we will invoice you.
We are currently developing a quality management system so that we can work with our clients as efficiently and effectively as possible, achieving a high quality performance. We feel that a friendly and efficient interaction with our clients is key to us producing high quality services consistently that will meet your needs and expectations.

For us to objectively understand our customer standards we ask all customers to complete a customer satisfaction questionnaire so that we may improve where ever we can.

Growing Gardens are fully insured and have public liability insurance to the level of £2 million.

Growing Gardens care deeply about our environment and aim to use the most sustainable options were possible. Our designs will take into consideration how much water and nutrients a plant will required to thrive in its position and aim to recommend those that are most suited to the current conditions rather than requiring excessive water and fertilisation.
We also believe in integrated pest management where the first steps are to keep plants strong and healthy with the correct growing conditions avoiding infestations of pest and disease. Using pesticides and herbicides efficiently and effectively requires a knowledge of the best time to use them. With our training and knowledge we aim to limit pesticide and herbicide use as much as possible and to use manual and biological controls as our first option.

Water management is key today in gardens, increased regularity of hose pipe bans highlights the importance to conserve water and the moisture levels in our soils. Ensuring that your garden soil has plentiful organic matter and a good mulch applied when the ground has a good reserve of water will limit the amount of watering required if any. Choosing plants that are not so thirsty in areas that dry out often is also good management. 
Garden waste is not always waste, a compost bin should be regarded as a nutrient bank, any green garden waste that can be composted can be used to return the nutrients back into the soil that they were taken from. Garden compost will also contain humus which is excellent at holding onto water thereby helping your water management too. When used as a mulch in can help to keep plants warm and increases worm activity helping to aerate your soil. If you don't have a compost bin then perhaps we could build one for you.