Growing Gardens

Welcome to 2024!!

Back by popular demand, a bunch of our hanging baskets (close to 400, TWICE as many as last year) will be sold for $13.99 each OR, our special price of 2/$25!!

Very excited to see you all once again, and talk about the good old days, and of course everyones favorite subject “where are all those little kids who were always playing in the yard, or covered in mud?!” Answer, high school and college now, wow!

Also, “on Backorder” just means we feel its to small to sell, but will be “Available” soon!


Thank you for your support!

Feel free to place an order, we will call when its ready for pickup. Please make sure to provide a valid phone number during checkout and include any special requests in your order comment.

Orders can be picked up at the Greenhouse located at:
9160 Route 79
Lisle, NY 13797
(Just through the village of Lisle on your way to Ithaca)

Feel free to call with any questions: (607) 849-3020 or check us out on Facebook